Link Building Strategies 2022 – 21 Fast & Effective ideas!

Link Building Strategies 2022

Are you looking to get building backlinks but not a clue where to get started, or are you in the middle of a backlinking campaign and running out of ideas?

Not to worry as we have assembled some of the Best Link Building Strategies 2022 that the world has to offer! In a way, these methods are so good, that I almost find it hard to give them up. But for the greater good, this is a sacrifice I am willing to make. Just take good care of them.

Not to worry…

Today at DublinRush, I am going to break down backlinking strategies to their core and for bonus points, throw in 21 link-building Strategies to boost your site Fast!

Link Building in the minds of the SEO consultants here at DublinRush can often be compared to minesweeping. There are so many smart methods that sound intelligent and effective, so many services that promise you the world, as long as you pay the right price, but if you take one step wrong, you may well blow up your website for good!

Yes, that analogy is a bit overdramatic, but that is how seriously we take link-building.

Of course, since the original Google Algorithm was based entirely on link analysis alone, it is safe to say that backlinks are going to be an important factor for search engines for the foreseeable future. And if backlinks are important to Search Engines, you can be sure that link-building methods will take up a large portion of any effective SEO strategy. 


With newer iterations of Google’s Algorithm, they have of course gotten much smarter and more effective at rooting out link-building methods that are not done with the best intentions. 

This is where we tend to take our guidance from. 

Why spend all that time and energy trying to outsmart some of the smartest guys in the world at Google, by trying to trick their genius creations so that we can take quick shortcuts to show fast spikes in results when we can operate with the best intentions and build long-lasting, effective growth for your company?

We would tend to agree. 

When you get to know us a little better, we can go through how we go about doing this. How we focus on content and develop effective distribution methods. How we link build the natural way and grow our results while also growing your brand’s reputation. 

We know you wouldn’t want your brand associated with Spam or dodgy content, and we feel the same way about ours, especially for the sake of a quick sugar rush of results with the inevitable sugar crash on the way down. 

We build SEO that lasts. SEO that grows. And your company can grow right alongside it. 

How to Avoid the Pitfalls – Link Building Strategies 2022

Dublin SEO - Minesweeper

As mentioned in our previous analogy, link building can be like playing minesweeper. This is no exaggeration and in fact, your probability of success is likely better in minesweeper, unless you are well prepared and looking to build your digital profile in a genuine manner without cutting corners, 

Warning #1

Never pay for backlinks.

Warning #2

Never pay for backlinks. 

Warning #3 

Never pay for backlinks!

That is 3 times we have warned you now. If you go and pay someone for backlinks after reading this, then there is no hope for you. (I joke of course). 

Paying for backlinks can be like throwing your entire company out of a plane, with only a cocktail umbrella to save you, which a faceless entity has convinced you is actually a parachute. 

Yes, more analogies, but think about it? You find an ad online, you are convinced that the person selling you these backlinks has outsmarted Google and actually has a magic formula that can trick Google’s search engines into making your business the most important of its kind, and you are willing to bet the faith of your company that this faceless person, with no required accountability, is going to do right by you and work hard to grow your company? 

Sounds legit right?

This is not to say that good link-building strategies don’t exist though. They do. Our warnings and advice are, don’t be wowed by the shiny bright lights of “Get your website to Google #1!”

  • Base your decisions on the trustworthiness of the person you are hiring.
  • Ensure their strategy seems genuine and not just a quick fix.
  • Research their proposed strategy yourself.
  • Go the extra mile when vetting them.
  • Check their past clients.
  • Check where their past clients are currently ranking and try to speak to them if possible. 

What is considered Good Backlinking?

So now, after sufficiently scaring you, let me tell you some of the good things about Link Building! 

Firstly – Google wants your content! Yes that is right, Google wants you to provide quality content and if you do provide quality content, they want to find you and they want to place you as high as your content deserves to be in its search engine.

So this is a way of looking at SEO that not many people consider. 

If Google wants your content, you don’t really need to be thinking about some complicated method or process or using some expensive software, or hiring a team of developers to try to outsmart Search Engine Algorithms. 

All you need to think about is how do I create the content that Google wants me to create, and then how do I give it to them. This is the key. 

Understanding this in practice can be broken down into 3 basic parts:

  • The content itself
  • SEO foundations
  • Distribution Planning

So that’s it. Nothing too crazy to learn. You don’t need to be a tech genius, you don’t need to trick Google, you just need to understand some simple enough concepts, and build processes around these concepts. Then you will be able to effectively start your link building.

95% of results in SEO can be acquired by these 3 methods alone. The other 5%, really doesn’t matter until you are getting so much traffic that you will have a whole team of people working on this stuff for you.

Getting the basics right for Content, SEO foundations, and Distribution planning, will get you to Google number one and help your business grow.

How to Approach Content Generation?

Dublin SEO - I'm Batman

Content is King

Content is King

Content is King

Yes repeating something 3 times helps you remember it.

Anyway… enough messing about. Back to business. Yes, content is King, but don’t take this statement lightly. It is true that without good content, you will go nowhere. Good content is often a rarity and can in fact be the difference between your company being top of its industry, or always looking for the scraps to keep you going.

Yes repeating something 3 times helps you remember it.

The important thing to note is that the King can’t survive alone. So while it’s great if you have mastered the art of generating good content, if you have no distribution plan or have a poor SEO foundation, then nobody will ever get to your content.

Yes repeating something 3 times helps you remember it.

That is why all three parts that I have mentioned are so important. None of them can survive if one is missing.

To address content specifically and what makes good content:

I am not going to get into all the types of content that are good, because that can encompass a whole lot, but there are a few types that remain consistent favorites.

How tos

Lots of people out there in the world of Digital are looking to learn. Tutorials on how to do things, that people can learn, tend to attract a lot of eyeballs.


Lists are a relatively new phenomenon in the world of SEO, and as quick easy-to-read references, they can do wonders when planning your Link building strategies.

Visualization of Data

An example of which are infographics. These work especially well as to reference them, other users must take your entire image, so you have full control of the content within. Also as they are visual, they are easily shared across social media, etc.

The main take-home point of content – THIS IS KEY***

Most people talking about content will tell you, to know your audience. Write for your readers and so forth. And while this can be relevant, a big part of excellent content that will generate you lots of traffic and SEO juice is not going to come from your readers, but from your industry influencers.

By writing content that influencers in your industry are likely to link to and reference, you are designing your content plan to maximize your backlink growth, as every time they do reference you, you will acquire a new backlink to help boost your site.

What is meant by SEO Foundations?

Dublin SEO - Builder

When referring to SEO foundations, we are referring to the technical makeup that allows your site to be crawled by Search Engines and for your content to be found. Without getting this key aspect of SEO correct, your content will never be found and you will never rank for anything.

Of course, there are different levels of getting this wrong, so small errors will not hurt you too badly. But it is good practice to get this right, learn how to do it, and continue to maintain it. Maintenance here can be just as important as implementation as things like backlinks have a tendency to break on your site and hinder the Search Engine bots when crawling your site.

Once initially configured, it can take very little to maintain an acceptable standard here. An hour or two a week should be the most you are spending on it for a small to medium-sized company.

How to put together a Distribution Method

So, now that we have our awesome content and we know it is built on solid foundations, it is time to get some eyeballs on it.

The good news is…

There are lots of methods to do this. Because of that, I am not going to get into the specifics around these methods, but focus more on the overall methodology here.

In terms of the methodology, the important thing to focus on here is consistency. I like to build a checklist for distribution and follow it for each blog post I make.

Of course, this list will evolve over time and hopefully your revisions will make it even more effective.

Just remember, after you put time into writing a blog post, it DESERVES to be distributed effectively.

Without an effective process, most content will just exist idle out there on the internet.

A tool I have recently found very useful when attempting to automate some of this process is a FREE tool @ IFTTT. com

21 Link Building Strategies 2017 to get you started: Follow these steps to SEO Awesomeness

If you are looking for SEO greatness, Link building is an essential part of this. To achieve link-building greatness, follow the 21 methods below.

1) Resource Pages 

Resource pages are basically pages that link to helpful resources for a specific topic/niche. This tactic, simply involves reaching out to the owner of these pages and request to have your resource added.

For some of the more popular pages, it may require a little more creativity. Check out Resource Page Link Building: The Definitive Guide for more ideas.

2) Ask someone you know 

Often overlooked as a potential source of backlinks, is the friends & family effect. Yes, it may seem cheesy, but when starting out, it can be a great way to give you that little boost you need.

It doesn’t have to be specifically friends and family either. Even acquaintances work here. The basics of this method is that people who know you are a lot more likely to link back if you only have the balls to ask.

3) Web 2.0s

Web 2.0s are a great source for backlinks and often kick in very quickly due to the insanely high domain authority of these sites.

It can be good to keep a few of these in your pocket for a rainy day to link back to your own site, but be careful you don’t abuse this as Google will likely slap a PBN penalty on you.

For those of you who are Grey hat inclined, check out Manual Web 2.0 creation: Step-by-step.

4) Youtube & Friends

There are some very beneficial outcomes from including your backlink in the description of your online videos, and yet this method is often overlooked.

One of the main benefits in terms of link building is that everywhere your video is embedded around the web, your backlink travels with it. And seeing as there are entire sites dedicated to just scraping the likes of Youtube, even non-viral content can rack up a decent backlink count.

Yes, these are low-quality backlinks mostly, but this method is a numbers game. They add up.

5) Directory submission

Directory submission is a tried and tested SEO method that has stood the test of time…until now. Though it still has a bit of clout, popular web directories are dropping like flies as search engines continuously pay them less and less attention.

A big example of that this year, was the announcement of Dmoz shutting down. In saying that there are still some hitters out there.

6) Blog Comments

It has often been speculated that commenting on blogs that include your backlink, or backlink in a signature is considered spam.

Of course, if you abuse this method it can be flagged, but adding value to blog comments and being upfront with your intentions can still be a powerful backlinking method.

Here’s Matt Cutts from Google to tell you more:

7) Help a Reporter Out (HARO)

This one I was a little skeptical at first myself, but when I started to see results from it, it quickly ranked up as one of my favorite tactics.

Basically, reporters/content writers request content snippets from subject matter experts. The site sends out Emails twice a day with new requests for information. If you can pitch yourself well and provide useful content to the publications, they will in turn link back to you.

8) Sponsor a local meetup

Keeping an eye out for local events in your niche can be a very good opportunity, both to generate a niche-specific, and Geo Targeted backlink, in addition to exposure for your brand to your local industry. Oftentimes, sponsorship for these events can be just a case of buying everyone a cup of coffee. 

Obvious pointer here, check the authority of the site that will contain your backlink before spending your hard-earned cash. It has to be worth it.

One of the best sources for opportunities like this is Meetup.

9) Brand Mentions without Hyperlink

As your brand grows, you will naturally get mentions around the www that will sometimes just be a reference without a hyperlink back to your site.

It pays to keep an eye on these, especially from high-ranking sites like news agencies who are often guilty of this. Once you find a mention, reach out to request your backlink.

Here is a Moz article that goes into more detail on the topic: Guide to Using Unlinked Brand Mentions for Link Acquisition

10) Blog Directories

Similar to website directories blog directories can be hit or miss. But when you find a decent one, they can provide you with a decent & powerful backlink.

Check out ShoutMEloud’s list of 131 blog directories to get you started, but be sure to validate these yourself to be on the safe side: 131+ Manually Verified Free Blog Directories To Submit Your Blog

11) Guest Blogging

Though this method is quite crowded now, and top bloggers are pretty sick of guest blogging requests, there is still some potential for high-level backlinks.

Again you need to be careful when using this method. There are rumors that Google Algorithms might even mark down sites that overuse this method in the future.

So again, best practices here are to add value upfront, don’t over-link back to your own site, and ensure to link to other sites as well as internally on the site you are writing for.

Here’s a Moz Whiteboarding session to go into detail on some Guest Blogging strategies:

12) Covet thy neighbor

That’s right, check out what your competitors are doing as part of their backlinking strategies. Tools like, allow you to take a peek at what links are powering your competitor’s websites, and if you see some juicy ones, you can attempt to pick them up for yourself.

Check out this article by Ahrefs for a more in-depth look at this strategy:  8 Actionable Ways To Get Backlinks By Spying On Your Competitors

13) Infographics

A popular method among digital marketers, infographics can be very effective at generating awesome backlinks.

While most tactics on infographics revolve around generating informative data and then reaching out to authority sites to get your infographic included, another effective method to get the auth sites to come to you, can be the use of infographic directory submission sites.

Here’s a handy list to get you started: Top 20 Free Infographic Directories and Submission Tips

14) Profile Backlinks

Many sites out there will allow you to add a hyperlink back to your site as part of your profile. As with most of the methods in this list, results can be varied but again, this can be a nice boost to your site if you put a bit of time into it.

It’s especially effective if you focus on niche sites that allow profile backlinks.

Another useful list to get you started: 50 Free Profile Creation Sites list – Build Dofollow SEO Links

15) Writing Testimonials

An excellent source of backlinks, writing testimonials for services and products you have used, can give you a huge boost in SEO.

While it may be difficult to get testimonials on most of the larger company sites, many of the smaller and medium companies will be more than happy to get your seal of approval.

16) .EDU backlinks, with educational content

If your skillset extends to generating educational content, you may be able to build some high-powered .edu backlinks. These tend to be favored in the eyes of search engines.

If you are going to go down this route, networking is very important as you want to get the most out of your efforts, so you want to get guest blogging or dedicated references to your content. Aim higher than just guest posts.

17.) Blogger outreaching

Possibly the most effective method of generating Search Engine friendly backlinks in existence. And it’s possibly the most basic.

Ask people to link to you.

Of course, there are tactics you can apply to this. Cold Emailing can be warmed up by adding value etc. But reaching out to bloggers in your niche is a must-do for any serious SEO.

Here’s Amy from Magnet Media to give you a quick overview in under 4 mins:

18) Surveys

Running a survey on a relevant topic in your niche is not only a potential newsworthy item from the results you get, but is also a great conversation starter reaching out, as having a survey you are trying to promote, assuming that the topic is decent and relevant can pique the interest of even top influencers in your niche.

When publishing the results, you can then also tag everyone who helped you share the survey in the first place, and they are likely to re-share as they already have a vested interest. And depending on your findings, you may want to add in a press release for additional impact.

Here is SEMrush with more detail: How to use surveys to build links

19) Quizzes and Tests

We’ve all seen them on Facebook. Which Star Wars character are you most like, etc. These tests and quizzes, although quite cheesy, they can get very viral very quickly.

As they are highly optimized for Social Media, not only do they generate nice healthy backlinks, but they also generate a tonne of free traffic.

More detailed data on this strategy by Kissmetrics: How to Use Quizzes in Your Marketing Strategy

20) Instructographics

One of the best features of the internet is that you can learn almost anything. Being a resource for this can be an excellent source for backlinks. Simple step-by-step on items in your niche can be a great strategy when promoting your brand.

Here is Pitzstop Media with their quick-start guide: Using Instructographics For Online Marketing

21) Contributing to Wikipedia Pages

Wikipedia is ranked as the 5th biggest website in the world according to Alexa, and since they allow guest contributions to articles, and once you contribute value up front, and build a reputation, it is perfectly ok to link back to your own website once the link is relevant.

This is a powerhouse of a backlink, and well worth the time it takes to get it. (Of course, you can always pay someone who has already built a reputation to do this for you).

Here is a quick tutorial to get you going: The Fastest & Easiest Way To Get Wikipedia Backlinks

So what have you learned today?

  • You have learned not to try and outsmart Google
  • Dublin SEO is Awesome
  • Content is King
  • Santa’s Little Helper is Smarter than Homer
  • And finding the tools to help you get started is just a matter of looking

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