Increase Blog Traffic – Click-Through Rate Strategy & 32 Experts Share their Tips!

Increase Blog Traffic - Click-Through Rate Strategy

Increase Blog Traffic

So you have an awesome piece of content, and you have started to move up the SERPs, but now you are wondering, how do I increase blog traffic so that I keep & grow my rankings, right? 

The good news?

It can be a lot easier than you think!

Today we are going to take a look at Click Through Rates (CTR) as it pertains to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how you can improve it so that it works for your business. 

What is a Click-through rate? 

Click through rate in SEO, refers to the percentage of people that, after querying a Search Engine, pick your result out of the list of Search Engine results.

But don’t take my word for it, here is an Awesome guy with an even more awesome beard from Prodo Digital to take you through it, in under 2 minutes:

What is a good CTR rate to Increase Blog Traffic?

The simple answer to the commonly asked question, of what is a good CTR rate, is “the most optimized one”. 

What I mean is, realistically it doesn’t matter if your click-through rate is 5% or 50%, but what matters is that you are getting the most out of every effort you put into your content. 

Where CTR rate really matters, is if it is optimized correctly, it will begin to work for you and grow your business. 


Say, for example, my article about link building is sitting on rank 6 for keywords “Link Building“, on for Ireland. 

My original Google Layout for this article when displayed is as follows:

Link Building 2017 | Dublin SEO | Search Engine Optimization

3 days ago – Link Building in the minds of the SEO consultants here at Dublin SEO services can often be compared to minesweeping.

Not bad copy don’t you think? It’s keyword rich, it’s Time specific and Geo located, and it contains the first sentence from the article as its description.


This display format is actually hindering my SEO attempts.

The content of the article is good, it’s informative, keyword-rich, and adds real value. Not only that, but I have spent time marketing it, and people appreciate the value in the article and I am getting nothing but positive feedback. 

So why is it that my article is not moving up in the rankings? It’s actually dropping!

The Effect​​

Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of the user. 

Imagine for a moment, that I am a shoe store owner. (Yes I went there). I know very little about SEO, but I have heard that I need to do some link building to get my website to grow, so where do I go? 

I go to Google of course.

Type in “Link Building“, and immediately, my mind is impressed upon by the first 6-7 articles on the page. (Studies show that your short-term memories can retain 5-7 items).

I know, of course, that the first result in the search, is what Google is telling me is the most relevant result.

This is where most people like me will go. The second biggest percentage of people will go to the second result, third to the third, etc.

But say I am a curious fella, and I actively scan the entire 6-7 results. What will I look for?

I will look for the words that engage me most.

Simple as that. Engaging words. 

If my article does not contain engaging words in the Search Engine results, then it simply will deteriorate eventually to the point where it is getting no traffic. And that won’t help to increase blog traffic, right?

If however, I have engaging WORDS, in my article display result, then a % of the curious minds that scan the first 6-7 results will, by the laws of probability select my article. 

Makes sense right?

Now, I mentioned above that my article was ranked sixth. If my article begins to get more clicks than the article in position 5, the awesomeness of Google’s Search Algorithms will sit up and take notice.

Gotta increase blog traffic!

The Algorithms will know that if a HIGHER PERCENTAGE of people are clicking on position 6 than on position 5, that this is something that people want to see. So they will prop my article up to position 5, giving me a higher share in the non-curious-minded users’ traffic.

If I then add this newfound piece of the pie, to my engaging words I may get to the point where I start to out-perform position 4, then position 3, etc. 

And that is how Copy can work for your benefit.

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The CTR Method

So how do I make my copy stand out?

Or more importantly, how do YOU make YOUR copy stand out? 

Well there are a couple of things to take into consideration here.

Once you are aware of the fact that you need your search engine results to stand out from the average default result, you may be in a position where you can get creative and come up with some methods to do this yourself.


Most of us are not that creative.

When investigating puzzles like this, I tend to focus on data as the determining factor. And luckily, there is an abundant amount of data that we can easily access for free on this matter, to help us increase blog traffic.

To date, despite all the Self Driving Cars, Android operating systems or Google glasses, advertising still accounts for the vast majority of Google‘s multi-billion yearly revenue. 

Because of that, you know that there is a tonne of money and therefor, data going through Google Adwords.

And because there is so much money being spent here, any Digital Marketer worth his weight in salt, will test the performance of there Ad copy over and over to get the most optimal results.

Well the good news is: 

This is exactly what we are looking to do, and we can simply Google our keywords and look for these Expert Digital Marketers who are spending millions, and copy exactly what they are saying for our keywords…for FREE. 

The Optimized Result


Taking the example I mentioned above:

Link Building 2017 | Dublin SEO | Search Engine Optimization

Link Building in the minds of the SEO consultants here at Dublin SEO services can often be compared to mine sweeping.

I went to and typed in my Keywords “Link Building Service” (I used the word ‘service’ to make my query a buying signal and increase the probability of targeted ads) and low and behold, I got a number of ads from which I could take specific keywords and phrases and apply it to my own copy.

The result of which was this:

Fast & Effective Link Building Strategy – Get Started Today

Easy to learn and quick to implement Link Building strategies, you can use to Grow your Business, right now.

Now, which would you prefer?

The new copy, has lots of picture painting support keywords, such as:

  • Fast & Effective
  • Easy to Learn
  • Quick to Implement

And engaging Call to Action words such as:

  • Get Started 
  • Grow your Business
  • Right Now

All of this, definitely makes my ad now stick out from the crowd, my click through rate to go up and hopefully, my Google rank position to grow and increase blog traffic. 

That’s it…

Simple right? That’s all you need to increase blog traffic!

You too can use this method to outperform your competition with words. There will be some trial and error, but using the above method will definitely get you thinking strategically and increase your probability for growth.

NOW – You know how to optimize your content for your blog to improve Click-Through rates while using Digital Marketers Ad Budget to do it.

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