Is Google not Indexing Your Blog? – Search Engine Fishing Strategy

Google Search Fishing Strategy

Writing Blog content is a pain in the ass right? And that pain is doubled these days with Google Algorithm updates making it almost the luck of the draw as to which content gets indexed and which does not… ESPECIALLY for new websites. 

So I’ve been racking my brain about ways to automate this process as much as possible without breaking the bank on new websites to do so. 

And thus was created, the Search Engine Fishing Strategy. 

Ok… the idea here is, since we don’t know which blogs will get indexed for certain keywords, we want to be able to have as many fishing lines in the pond as possible. 

To do that, we are going to need lots of content spread out over lots of low difficulty keywords. 

There’s no point in running backlinking strategies, or spending resources (Time/Money) on producing the perfect SEO optimized content piece if you are not even going to get indexed in the first place right?

So we need to be able to mass produce content with low effort to see what sticks, and then once something gets indexed we can put in the time and effort to push it up the ranks. 

Mass Producing Content

So AI is the perfect tool here, but it comes with its limitations… or so I thought. 

Initially I decided to go for the best in class AI tools. I tested out a few different tools in trial, and definitely was impressed with 

It’s the market leader, it’s powerful, and definitely looks the part. I ran this tool for maybe 2 months, but found that I was really only producing 1 content piece a day. 

And while that’s certainly good, it’s not what we are looking for. 

So I kept on searching and that’s when I came across ArticleForge. 


This is exactly what we are looking for, for a few reasons.

First up, ArticleForge will produce FULL +1500 word blog content pieces with the click of a button. This in and of itself, is the game changer here. 

The content itself is not going to win you any noble prize, but it’s readable and makes sense for humans, and most importantly it’s good enough for Search Engines. 

To be clear though, it’s not SEO optimized, but it is Keyword focused. 

And another KEY focus, is that there is no Word limit with the top package – unlike almost every other AI writer tool (Including Jaspar), which are priced based on word count.

Additionally, as part of each article you create you can have the tool pull an image and a video and integrate it into the content.

And if all this isn’t enough, ArticleForge even integrates with your WordPress so after the AI runs, it can automatically publish or schedule to publish the article. 

Depending on how much time you can put into this on a daily basis, with how easy it is to produce 100 articles a day and maintain a decent level of quality. 

This tool is the Key to this strategy, but we can automate just a little bit more to increase the strategy’s effectiveness. 

Automating Social Distribution with Zapier

So this part of the process is optional for a couple of reasons. 

  1. It depends on how you use your Social Media
  2. It also depends on your existing Social Profiles

Social Signals are an important factor for Google Search and Indexing, and while we are not looking for the perfect Social Distribution here, an automated solution can help your probability of “catching those fish” in the Google Search Index. 

But like mentioned above, you could be posting 100 posts a day to your blog, meaning if we automate these posts to go out on Social Media, that will also mean 100 posts to your Social Platforms. 

So you may feel differently about this… 

But for me, especially when growing a new blog, there is no such thing as overkill on Social Media Posting Frequency. 

So using Zapier, I setup Zaps to automatically post each new WordPress Post to Facebook Pages, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest. 

These posts to Social Profiles, don’t exactly get me much in terms of direct traffic, but each social signal they do produce then contribute just a little to the posts that are going out and increase the probability of them getting indexed. 

Keyword Targeting

Ok, so now we have an unlimited source of content, and a basic content distribution automation. Next up, we want to start carpet bombing a ton of low competition keywords to see what sticks. 

There are many SEO tools out there, but for me personally… I live and die by 

Using Ahrefs Keywords Explorer tool, we can easily research relative keywords that have traffic and a low difficulty store. 

After this, you can uncover more relative keywords by searching for low Domain Authority blogs/websites in your niche, and see what Keywords they are ranking for and which are generating them traffic. 

Again… remember, we are not looking to outrank them yet…

We just want to see if Google will index us for those Keywords. Once we start getting indexed for different keywords, we can then begin to optimize and push for rankings for these keywords. 

Search Engine Fishing Strategy

So that’s it… 

The perfect strategy to fish the search engines for new potential keywords for your blog/website. 

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