Choosing the Best Crowd Sourcing Platform

Whether you are trying to raise funds for a new project, or you want to give out some free swag, it is important to choose the right crowd sourcing platform. There are several different options available, but they vary widely in what they offer and how easy they are to use. Choosing the best crowd sourcing platform will help you raise more money for your project.


Founded in 2008, Indiegogo is a crowd sourcing platform that is designed to help people raise funds for their ideas. This platform is great for small businesses looking for extra funding and people looking to get involved in a cause. The company has also incorporated a social networking component, allowing users to network with other users.

In addition to launching a campaign, you can also set up email marketing campaigns to send to your backers. You can also monitor your traffic in real-time. You can also use their video hosting service, which is based on Vimeo.

Indiegogo recently introduced a new feature called Community Projects. These are based on a curated selection of campaigns that are hand-picked by the Indiegogo staff.

The company is also testing a new campaign review method. This is a better way to evaluate your campaign. You will have the chance to learn from your backers and possibly gain some insight into your own campaign.

Another feature is the Forever Funding program, which was renamed to InDemand in 2014. This is a program that is designed to continue raising money for your campaign after the campaign is over. The idea is to keep your backers happy while you work on your project.

There is also a new feature on Indiegogo called Project of the Day. This is a staff-picked project that is selected for the day.


Founded in 2006, Mightycause is a crowdsourcing platform that provides nonprofits and companies with the ability to create and promote fundraising campaigns. The company also provides nonprofits with the tools they need to engage with donors, build donor relationships and track donations.

Mightycause provides an easy-to-use fundraising platform that makes the entire fundraising process fast and simple. Their platform is also extremely flexible and customizable. It allows you to create a fundraising campaign that’s as short or as long as you want. You can also share your campaign on multiple social media sites. You can even embed a Mightycause Donate button on your website. This will allow your donors to donate without leaving your site.

Mightycause offers a free “starter” plan and a premium subscription plan. The premium plan includes no platform fees, no goal requirements, and social media integrations. The Advanced plan also includes data integration, an embeddable donation form, and CRM tools.

Mightycause has raised over $600 million for causes in over 150,000 communities. They offer a wide range of fundraisers, including team fundraising and giving day campaigns. They are also a great tool for small nonprofits looking for support.

Mightycause has been praised for its simple and clean interface. They also offer customer support through phone and email. They also have a YouTube channel where they offer videos on how to create successful campaigns.


Whether you’re looking for a logo, website or a whole new brand, Crowdspring is a great way to get it done. This online marketplace allows you to collaborate with a group of designers or work with a single creative of your choice. It’s a great way to get your project done on a budget.

Crowdspring has been touted as the world’s leading crowdsourcing platform. The site claims to have 200,000 designers and a whopping tens of thousands of projects. It’s also an ideal way to find quality designers for your project.

The site features various categories of design work, from logos to industrial design to web design. They even have a newsletter.

Crowdspring offers a free design consultation. You can post a brief for your project, and the site will match you with a designer. If you choose a designer, you can view his or her portfolio and give them feedback. You can also use their project management tools to streamline your choices.

Crowdspring’s three-step process typically lasts for seven days. Once you’re finished, you’ll receive a verification email. You’ll also need to enter a verification code into your account. This will take a few minutes.

Crowdspring is one of the best crowdsourcing design sites. It has a wide variety of categories and offers free design consultations. It also allows you to invite others to manage your project.


Founded in 2012, Crowd Supply is a company that runs a crowdfunding platform. It offers tools for product designers and manufacturers to create their projects. It also offers a pre-order platform and helps to support e-commerce sales of completed products.

It has a long list of manufacturing partners. It has launched more than 80 products. It has a solid track record for success.

There are two main differences between Crowd Supply and Kickstarter. First, Kickstarter’s funding rate is lower. Second, Crowd Supply has a much higher success rate. Crowd Supply has a solid track record of delivering on its promises. It can help to take the pain out of launching and selling products to the masses.

The Crowd Supply’s website has an interesting design that is similar to that of Kickstarter. It is full of useful information, including links to other websites.

Crowd Supply’s main goal is to improve the life of both its creators and Backers. To achieve this, it offers advice on all steps along the way to market. It also provides a support system for those who may need it.

Crowd Supply claims to have the best delivery rate in the crowd sourcing business. They have a 100% success rate when delivering products on projects that have been fully funded. This is because they are able to deliver products to Backers in as little as one business day.


Whether you are a musician, musician, artist or a blogger, Patreon can help you build a community around your work. Patreon offers a platform that allows you to create your own fundraising campaign and receive support from your fans through monthly memberships.

Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, Patreon has a special focus on content creators. This means that it is ideal for musicians, bloggers, viral video creators and online journalists.

Patreon provides a range of tools and integrations that make it easy for you to manage your campaign. Patreon provides a free account for you to get started. You can then choose to upgrade to Patreon Premium for additional features. Patreon Premium provides you with tools such as partner manager, analytics, and merchandise sales.

Patreon allows you to set up reminders and automatic fulfilment tracking. You can also create limited-time promotions and gated content. Patreon offers a range of categories, including video and film, games, writing, comics, dance and theatre, photography, and science.

Patreon also offers a Discord server that you can use to interact with your patrons. You can set up polling and real-time commenting, as well as live Q&A sessions. The Patreon community has been known to grow large thanks to popular creators.

Patreon is also ideal for content creators who want to make a long-term creative endeavor. You can choose to receive monthly payments from your patrons, or you can choose to have your campaign feature a per creation payment.


Whether you’re looking to invest in a startup or just want to invest in the startup community, Wefunder is the place to go. It’s like Kickstarter, but for investors. It’s a platform that allows you to invest in startups with minimal risk.

Wefunder has more than 10 years of experience connecting startups with investors. They’ve helped 300 startups raise more than $103 million of capital. They’re also the largest funding portal for crowdsourced investing by 2020. They’re the best of the best when it comes to Reg CF investment crowdfunding.

In addition to capital raising services, Wefunder also provides a wealth of other types of investments. Depending on your interests, you can invest in startups in the tech, media, healthcare, and consumer goods industries. The company also provides an online learning center, startup investor school, and a mobile app to track your investment.

They also offer software to help you manage your annual report. They’re the first and only company to offer this service. The reason is that you need to comply with several important legal rules when it comes to equity crowdfunding.

Wefunder’s most impressive feature is their ability to connect small and startup businesses with investors. They’re able to connect small businesses with more than 1 million investors, and the company claims to have a 40% market share of the Reg CF sector.

Wefunder offers a variety of pricing options. For example, they allow investors to make a $100 investment in an early-stage startup. They’ll do the legwork and collect the funds. Then, they’ll put the funds into an escrow account.

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