From Geordie Shore to Gourmet Galore: A Hilarious Guide to Kitchen Design Newcastle


Hello there, kitchen warriors of Newcastle! Buckle up, because you’re about to embark on a culinary design journey that’s more thrilling than a Geordie Shore episode. Welcome to your ultimate guide to ‘Kitchen Design Newcastle’.

Why Kitchen Design Matters

Why should you care about kitchen design? Well, unless you enjoy playing a game of ‘find the spatula’ every time you cook, it’s crucial! A well-designed kitchen is like a well-orchestrated symphony – everything in its place, everything humming along in perfect harmony. So let’s dive into the heart of your Newcastle home and get those creative juices flowing.

The Basics of Kitchen Design

Every kitchen has a holy trinity – the sink, the stove, and the fridge. It’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s the ‘Kitchen Triangle’! A well-planned triangle makes your kitchen as efficient as St. James’ Park on a match day.

The unsung hero of a good kitchen is storage. Think of it as your kitchen’s secret chocolate stash – you can never have too much!

Next up, lighting. It’s like the fairy godmother of the kitchen, transforming a pumpkin into a sparkling carriage. So make sure your kitchen is well lit, and not just by the glow of the fridge light.

And let’s not forget about materials. Choosing the right ones is like dressing your kitchen for a night out. Don’t let it leave the house in anything but the best!

Kitchen Design Styles in Newcastle

Whether you prefer the sleek lines of modern minimalism or the cosy charm of rustic country, Newcastle’s got a kitchen style for you. Much like the Tyne Bridge, it’s all about making a statement.

Eco-Friendly Kitchen Design

These days, an eco-friendly kitchen is the hottest trend since sliced bread. Think energy-efficient appliances, sustainable materials, and waste-reducing features. Saving the world while making a cup of tea? Now that’s what we call multitasking!

VI. DIY vs. Professional Kitchen Design in Newcastle

Is it better to go DIY or hire a professional? It’s like comparing a homemade pie to a slice from Greggs. Both can be great, but one takes a lot more work!

VII. Top Kitchen Design Shops in Newcastle

Looking for the crème de la crème of kitchen design shops in Newcastle? Whether you need a fancy faucet or stylish storage, these shops are your one-stop solution:

  1. Kitchen Design Centre Newcastle
  2. Newcastle Kitchen & Bedroom Co
  3. Wren Kitchens Newcastle

Tips for Designing Your Newcastle Kitchen

Ready to design the kitchen of your dreams? Remember, it’s all about planning, choosing the right colour scheme, and never, ever underestimating the power of a good spice rack.


Embarking on your kitchen design journey in Newcastle can be as exciting as a night out on the Toon. So dive in, get creative, and remember – the kitchen is the heart of the home, so make it something special!

Whoever said designing a kitchen was as easy as pie clearly never tried to make a pie in a poorly designed kitchen! But armed with this guide, you’re all set to conquer the world of ‘Kitchen Design Newcastle’. So go forth, brave kitchen warriors, and create a space that’s as unique, stylish, and utterly fabulous as you are!

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Remember, designing your dream kitchen should be a fun, exciting journey – a bit like a night out on the Toon, but with fewer kebabs and more kitchen islands. So embrace the process, let your creativity run wild, and don’t forget to send us a slice of that pie you’ll be baking in your beautiful new kitchen!

About the Author

Our expert kitchen design guru is as passionate about kitchen design as they are about Newcastle itself. Born and bred in the Toon, they know the city like the back of their hand and have spent years helping Geordies create their dream kitchens.

This delightful mix of local knowledge, design expertise, and a healthy dose of Geordie humour makes them your go-to source for all things ‘Kitchen Design Newcastle’. So stay tuned for more expert advice, tips, and a few laughs along the way!

Reader’s Comments

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Resources and Further Reading

Ready to dive deeper into the world of kitchen design? Check out these resources for more inspiration, tips, and expert advice:

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  3. Eco-Friendly Kitchen Design Guide – Ideal Home


While we strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information, always consult with a professional before making any major kitchen design decisions. Because the only thing worse than a poorly designed kitchen is a poorly designed kitchen you spent a fortune on!

Keep in mind that while we may have mentioned certain shops or products, we’re not endorsing or recommending them. Always do your research and choose what’s best for you.

10 Hilariously Handy Tips for Kitchen Design in Newcastle

  1. Embrace the Geordie Spirit: Newcastle is known for its unique charm and vibrant culture. Inject some of that Geordie spirit into your kitchen design. A black and white colour scheme in honour of the Magpies, perhaps?
  2. Mind the ‘Kitchen Triangle’: In kitchen design lingo, the ‘kitchen triangle’ refers to the positioning of the sink, stove, and refrigerator. Aim for a balanced triangle for easy movement, like a well-practiced Geordie doing the Macarena at a local pub!
  3. Maximize Your Space: Newcastle homes come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you have a spacious kitchen in Jesmond or a cosy one in Ouseburn, clever design can make the most of your space. Remember, it’s not the size of the kitchen that matters, it’s how you use it!
  4. Light It Up: Good lighting is key in any kitchen. Much like the iconic Tyne Bridge at night, your kitchen should shine brightly. And no, you can’t use the glow from your oven as a lighting source.
  5. Choose Durable Materials: Newcastle’s weather can be… well, unpredictable. Choose materials that can withstand anything the Geordie weather throws at them. Yes, even the occasional ‘whyaye, it’s summer but it’s snowing’ days!
  6. Consider an Open Concept Design: Open concept kitchens are all the rage. They’re perfect for keeping an eye on the telly while you’re cooking or for serving up your famous pease pudding hot to guests.
  7. Smart Kitchens are Cool: Invest in smart kitchen appliances. They’re not just a cool gadget to show off to your mates, they also add convenience and efficiency to your kitchen. Plus, who wouldn’t want a fridge that can order more Newcastle Brown Ale when you’re running low?
  8. Recycle, Recycle, Recycle: With the River Tyne so close, it’s important to keep our city green. Incorporate recycling bins into your kitchen design. It’s chic, it’s eco-friendly, it’s the Newcastle way!
  9. Function Over Fancy: It’s easy to get carried away with all the fancy kitchen designs out there, but always remember function comes first. You don’t want to end up with a kitchen that looks like the Sage Gateshead but can’t even boil an egg properly.
  10. When in Doubt, Ask a Pro: There’s no shame in calling in the cavalry. Newcastle is home to some fantastic kitchen design professionals. If kitchen design has you feeling like you’ve had one too many on the Quayside, don’t hesitate to get help! Here are a few to consider: Sheffield Kitchen Outlet, B&Q Sheffield, and John Lewis Sheffield.



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